Baby Showers

Enjoy creating a successful shower with these easy to follow tips & ideas:

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games Free, Fun ice-breakers to help your guests feel at ease.

Themed Showers

to make the planning and hosting much easier.

Baby Bingo

Free & printable, a popular game that anyone can play

Baby Word Scramble

Just print this fun game for an easy way to entertain everyone.

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Try these easy-to-make recipes and treat your guests.

Baby Poems

They will delight and amuse everyone - celebrate the new life.

Diaper Cake Making

With easy instructions on creating a centerpiece gift.

Sock Roses

Decorate the table with cute items that are easy to make.


Ideas for you to enhance the table display.

Gift Baskets

Combine smaller gifts to make an attractive centerpiece.

Gift Ideas

to help guests decide what to buy the new mommy.


to create a lovely atmosphere at the shower.

Ideas For Favors

& how to make them, to show your gratitude.


the party, including entertaiment and refreshment.


to help you organize the event.


Decide what might be appropriate for the occasion.

Babbee Ideas

Shower Entertainment and Activities

These are sure to help you when planning the shower and create a successful event.

A shower is a wonderful opportunity to help a mommy-to-be prepare for the birth of her newborn. She is sure to be grateful to the hostess for many years to come. So it is particularly important for you and anyone assisting you to put in sufficient effort to make it really successful. If you prepare for the upcoming event carefully then the event is going to be a great success and you are going to feel very satisfied - and relieved!

To make the project rather easier, we have written some helpful articles for you. There are some entertaining tips, with these baby shower ideas including theme suggestions here on So if you're looking for some suggestions to help you plan a great, fun event, then you've come to the right place. So have a look around here and have some fun with the party planning! Make this an occasion that everyone, including the future mommy, will remember with pleasure.

You'll want something to keep your guests and the future mother entertained, so the ideas that we've included on thSis site are just what you need, including the Printable Baby Shower Games, which are Free for you to play at your celebrations. They will save you time, effort and money when you are preparing for the party.

While the gifts are being opened and the other activities are going on, guests will want some snacks to nibble on. The finger food party recipes here will be just the thing for them. Try the delicious party recipes and snack menu so that your guests with be kept fed & happy. They're pretty easy to make, with ideas for both food & drinks. You can create an occasion that all those attending including the new mom will enjoy and remember always. Reward them for attending the event and bringing gifts for the future mommy and baby.


And our original and cute baby poems will help to create a beautiful atmosphere if they are read out at the celebrations and some are suitable for adding to invitations and gift tags. They may also create a few quiet moments contrast to the excitement of taking part in the more energetic activities.

You'll also find great information on appropriate etiquette that may help to explain any points regarding hosting which you are not clear about. These articles should give you an indication of the generally accepted etiquette for hosting a shower. We have answered some questions that may be of some help to you when considering throwing a celebration of the forthcoming event.

As shower hostess your duties will encompass arranging the venue, entertaining the guests with various activities, supplying food and many more details, but we have gathered just about all the information you need at Yes we have a great collection of useful information and baby shower ideas that will guide you here, such as entertainment including baby bingo. So come on, click and have a look around.

Entertain Your Guests

Playing contests and quizzes will make it much simpler for a hostess as it should help the event become a more relaxed affair by encouraging the contestants to become more friendly with each other. They can be played in teams or by individual players and certainly the partners playing on the same team will have to interact and get to know each other. Having fun contests is sure to break the ice between comparative strangers and it is a good idea to play them towards the beginning of the celebrations. The contests and quizzes have instructions for how to play them for you to give the players and suggestions on which themes they would be particularly suited to. The mommy's friend who is hosting the shower will certainly find things easier if she includes some ice-breakers at the start of the get-together. Select a few which are preferably suited to the ages and personalities of the players who will take part and let the excitement begin. There are also some ideas on what inexpensive prizes you can award the winners.

Party Themes

Throw a themed shower

Possibly one of the most useful of the baby shower ideas that we can suggest, is to include a party theme for the event to help you organize the occasion. The guests should also find it a help if they know what the general nature of the celebration is. It will help them to get an idea of the style of the party if you let them know what the theme is and you include that information on the invitations. It should also give them some ideas on what gift they could bring.

Including some appropriate activities will help you add to the general atmosphere of the theme as well as entertaining the guests. We have some articles to give you tips and information on what themes you could select, including activities that would be suitable. They also give suggestions as to what food and also decoration you might provide that would also add to the atmosphere of the party. So take a look around here at themed shower ideas to get you started planning the celebrations.

Baby Shower Ideas

There are articles on decorating the venue to make the occasion look really attractive with just a little effort. There are ideas provided for choosing or making centerpieces for the table display including instructions for how to make diaper cakes and also homemade Sock Roses. These items along with Gift Baskets will make wonderful gifts for the mother-to-be, as well as being very decorative at the shower.

As well as our selection of printables with how to instructions, you will find other really useful tips to help you plan and host a successful and memorable celebration. So be sure to check out the sections giving information about suitable etiquette, free baby poems, gift suggestions, recipes, how to make your own favors and table centerpieces including instructions on how to make diaper cakes. They are sure to make your job as party hostess much easier and in fact make it fun - for everyone.

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Do remember of course that the information and articles which are included in this site are only general suggestions and you should always consult with the other people concerned with the shower before you spend any time or money in organizing an event. Check thoroughly all your plans before the event takes place and even try out some of our baby shower ideas for food etc that you intend to include, to be sure that everything is successful.
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